Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm Guest Posting Today!!!

Hey, check it out. I'm guest posting today on MelissaStuff's website about these "Sparkling Cocoa Drops" with endless variations. The post is on "Easy, Cheap Christmas Gifts," and naturally, my idea for this was to make cookies as presents. Every single one of these cookies is delicious, so head on over to read all about them -


  1. Sparkling Cocoa Drops sounds like fun cookies! Hopping over to MelissaStuff's now!

  2. Hey Lisa!
    Everyone said the blueberry taste wasn't strong. All the recipes I saw used the yogurt but not the cotton candy flavoring. I wanted a "big" cotton candy flavor so I used everything I had :)

  3. on the way to melissa's now! LOL