Friday, April 27, 2012

Muddy Buddy Cake Balls

Like I said, when it comes to Muddy Budd-ifying stuff, the possibilities are endless. So, when I made these chocolate cake balls the other day, I just knew that some of them were destined to be Muddy Budd-ied.

And, believe me, they do not disappoint. It is chocolate peanut butter nirvana.

Muddy Buddy Cake Balls (created by Lisa of Sweet as Sugar Cookies)

1 batch of chocolate cake balls
2 c. semisweet chocolate chips
1 1/3 c. peanut butter
powdered sugar (for coating)

Put some powdered sugar into a bowl and set aside. Melt the chocolate chips with the peanut butter in a double boiler or in the microwave and stir to combine. Dip the cake balls in the muddy buddy mixture and coat with the powdered sugar. Let sit on a sheet of waxed paper to let the chocolate set. Alternately, you can chill them in the fridge (which I'd recommend).


  1. Oh wow, these look so moist and delicious! Great idea!

  2. How could you go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter? These sound awesome!

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! These are amazing. I want some!

  4. I think we were meant to be neighbors. So that you could bring me your muddy buddy wonderfulness.