About Me

Basic Facts About Me:
  • I'm originally from Hawaii, and now living in California.  What can I say?  I gotta have warm weather.  
  • I'm a big fan of K-pop music and I love to read, sing, watch Korean dramas, and, of course, bake!  
  • My food vices are ice cream and french fries (but not at the same time). 
Why did I start this blog?  
 I started this blog as a way to push myself to learn new skills and master new recipes.  It was also a great way to be able to keep a record of my favorite recipes so that I could always go back and make them again. 

Why do I bake?
Baking for me is comforting and therapeutic.  There's nothing so relaxing as being up to your elbows in dough or batter then going through the process of kneading, rolling, or shaping it.  For that period of time, I find that I can lose myself in sugar and flour and just forget about all my stress and troubles, if only for an afternoon.  Consequently, I find that I have more of an urge to bake whenever I'm stressed.  It's like my mind knows that baking will provide the release I need.  Besides that, I love being able to share the goodies with my friends and family.  It puts a smile on my face when I'm able to make their day with a plateful of cookies or brownies, or a special birthday cake.  

What has surprised me the most throughout these years of baking/blogging?
I have discovered talents that I never knew I had, such as photography and cake decorating.  It seems the more you do it, the more you figure out as you go along, and the better you get.  Throughout most of my life, I always thought I had zero artistic skill since I couldn't draw/craft like my sisters.  But, somehow, with practice and time, I've actually come to realize that I'm good at decorating cakes.  I've uncovered a creative side that I never knew existed and I love being able to express it and let my personality shine.