Monday, March 28, 2011

Lemon Cranberry Bread

A while ago, I won a whole boxful of Meyer lemons. It was like a dream come true to have that much zest and juice just needing to be used. The only question was, "What to make first?" Since I also had some frozen cranberries left over from Thanksgiving, I decided to make this Meyer Lemon Cranberry Bread that I found on Baking Bites.

The only thing I noticed while making this is that the batter is extremely dense. I think I might add a tablespoon or two of lemon juice next time to thin it out just a bit more. But, other than that, it bakes up beautifully to yield some wonderful loaves of bread. I did use my 500F trick again. I'm not sure if it made a whole lot of difference though, so feel free to simply bake your bread at 350-375F if you want.

The resulting breads, alas, did not slice pretty, hence the reason why there's no picture of any cut slices. Of course, that does not affect my ability to eat and enjoy them in the slightest (and boy did I ever enjoy them). The cranberries are just perfect in this bread, adding yummy bursts of tartness in every bite. The lemon flavor was a little more subtle than I would have liked, so I might increase the lemon zest next time. But, regardless, these breads were just fantastic. I was planning on giving one of the mini loaves away (since I made two), but somehow I don't think that loaf will ever make it out my door. It just might find its way into my stomach instead. Oh well, guess that means I'll just have to make another batch. Ah, sacrifices, sacrifices.

Meyer Lemon Cranberry Bread
(adapted from Baking Bites)

2 c. all-purpose flour
1 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
3/4 c. freshly squeezed Meyer lemon juice
1 1/2 Tbsp. Meyer lemon zest
3 Tbsp. canola oiil
1 egg
1 1/4 c. fresh or frozen (unthawed cranberries)

Preheat oven to 500F. Lightly grease and flour a 9x5 inch loaf pan or 4 mini loaf pans.

Rub the lemon zest into the sugar until it is moistened and fragrant. Combine the lemon sugar with the flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.

Combine the lemon juice, oil, and egg. Add to the flour mixture and mix until just combined. Fold in the cranberries, then pour the batter into the prepared pan(s).

Bake at 500F for 5 min., then immediately lower the heat to 350F. Bake for 25 min. more or until loaves test done. Cool on a rack for 15 min. Remove from pan and cool completely before slicing.

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  1. Lemons and cranberries are my favourites! Together in a loaf sounds wonderful to me! Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe.

  2. This sounds great, I have some leftover cranberries too:@)

  3. I love any type of lemon cake - the cranberries sound a nice addition.

  4. This looks so good. And so fresh. I am dying for spring to get here and this sounds like the perfect loaf to sit and wait the rest of this winter out. Looks amazing.

  5. Now, I'm thinking...why didn't I freeze more cranberries when they were out in the Fall! What a lovely bread with two of my most favorite ingredients. XOXO

  6. That looks so so amazing. I cannot wait to make it. I was out of town so I missed Sweet Party #10, but I won't miss the next one. Love them!

  7. Wow! Congratulations on winning the lemons. I would have loved that. Would love to try your delicious bread too:)

  8. Look really yummy I love these lemon bread! gloria

  9. I love the color that spills from the cranberries! So pretty. Looks really delicious! Yummy!

  10. Lovely looking bread! I imagine that the lemon and cranberry would be perfect together.

  11. Mmmmm. This sounds good. A whole box of Meyer lemons! I bet that was fun to use up. I love those things and they aren't easy to get around here.

  12. Another winning recipe! You're awesome Lisa! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  13. What a beautiful picture, Lisa! It looks wonderful!

  14. i love lemonade, but for some reason, i'm just not a lemon dessert girl. the bread sure photos pretty, though!

  15. Wonderful combination of flavors. I want a slice. :)

  16. Yum! It look's great.
    I hope you'll link up some of your recipes on Made it on Monday :)

  17. Oh my, a box of meyer lemons. That would be a wonderful thing to have! Nice bread!

  18. I love the combo of lemon and blueberry and I'm sure lemon and cranberry would be wonderful, as well. It look soooo good!

  19. Lisa - your bread recipe sounds like a terrific combo of YUM! Your photo is lovely too. I have a similar recipe and haven't made it in so long. Thanks for the reminder. I LOVE fruit breads!

  20. OH Lisa, your photo has me salivating. I adore lemon bread! I think I could eat the whole loaf. Those cranberries peeking through look wonderful.

  21. This both looks and sounds wonderful - and it would be a great way to use up those cranberries that have been sitting in my freezer since Christmas :)

  22. Hi Lisa I love anything with cranberries in it and
    thanks for sharing this.

  23. yum!!! I absolutely LOVE lemon cranberry bread!!!


  24. Sounds delicious! You definitely need to make lemon curd with the lemon meyers...that's the best lemon curd!! Waiting for my lemon meyer tree to bloom and produce fruit!

  25. ummm...this looks and sounds devine. So sorry it didn't slice into pretty slices for you to photograph but as long as it tastes good!! :)

  26. What a great combination of flavors! I like these together and I never would have thought of doing that!

  27. Now this bread looks totally YUMMO!

    Here's my recipe:


  28. Cranberries and lemons are one of my favorite combos. I have a fantastic muffin recipe that is very similar.

    Photos - schmotos...for less than beautiful slices I say just add butter and start snacking!

    Thanks for sharing at Hearth and Soul ;)

  29. I've never added lemon to cranberry bread, but it's got to be delicious! Thanks for sharing this!

  30. I love the combo of lemon and cranberries!

  31. I love lemon and cranberry, so these would be a hit with me!

  32. Wow these are two of my favorite flavors and together they are just that much better. I will definitely give this a try. Thanks!! --Maria

  33. You were so lucky to win such a prize! I just found Meyer lemons this spring, and I have to say that I absolutely loved them. Your lemon cranberry bread looks delicious! :)

  34. Oh Lisa, this looks incredible!! What a great flavor combination!

  35. I thought this was a good use of the lemons
    and congradulations on winning all those lemons.
    Thank you for taking the time to link up with me.

  36. Lisa,your Lemon Cranberry Bread lokks just out-of-the-world!Lovely recipe!I have an event centred around bread going on at my place...just hoping you might care to link up:)

    Nice meeting you thru the Hearth and Soul Blog hop!

  37. Hmmmm, looks and sounds delish! I love anything lemon and adore cranberries so this will be something I will definitely try.

    I thought I had already "followed" you but didn't see my name...just did it again so hope this one stays. :-)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  38. The Chef LOVES lemon flavor, so we will definitely have to try this. Thanks for linking at
    Make a Food-"e"-Friend Monday
    ! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  39. cranberries and lemons are amazing! this looks seriously great! thanks for sharing, lots of love happening for this and all your posts :)

  40. Lisa,

    Mmmm...I love the subtle flavor of Meyer lemons, and combining them with cranberries in a bread sounds delicious! Thank you so much for always bringing such sweetness, style and substance to "A Little Birdie Told Me..." Tuesday at Rook No. 17!


  41. You know, I was just bemoaning the fact that the grocery store no longer has cranberries and I should have frozen up more in fall!

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